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Our philosophy

Why working with us

ML Invest Finance is a financial advisory and investment firm based in Switzerland and Dubai that aims to help its clients grow their assets over the long term.

Founded by three experienced entrepreneurs, the company was created with a clear vision to meet the advisory and asset management needs of its clients.


We offer a unique investment solution regardless of your capital. However, the strategy can be adjusted based on certain parameters that we will customize during our consultation.The fundraising amount is €8.5 million, with a minimum ticket size of €5000. The contract duration is 12 months, with disbursement possible every 6 months.Your capital is not locked, but if a withdrawal is made before 6 months, a penalty of 30% will be applied.


Our unique strategy has been carefully crafted internally to meet the needs of our clients, focusing on capital security and significant returns.


A leading investment solution and advisory service dedicated to wealth creation and management for individuals and businesses. We focus on developing personalized strategies that align with our clients' financial goals, aiming to increase net worth and generate recurring profits. Our commitment to excellence and continuity is unwavering.

The company

We are a leading private investment advisory firm dedicated to wealth creation and management for individuals and businesses. We focus on developing a proven, continuously improved investment strategy that aligns with our clients' financial goals, aiming to increase net worth and generate recurring profits. Our commitment to excellence and continuity is unwavering. Our interests are aligned with those of our investors!

Smart and controlled investment solutions

Our philosophy is to generate performance through innovative investment strategies. Moreover, MLIF’s partners strive to identify investment opportunities for their own needs and offer them to their clients.

Never resting on our laurels, having ambition and a taste for exploration, being independent and often pioneers—these are the characteristics that define MLIF’s personality.

Exploring new trends is what sets us apart and benefits our clients.

Controlled investiment

We adhere to strict internal standards as well as regulatory requirements in the countries where we operate.

Sustainable and secure portfolio

We focus on sustainable investment opportunities that minimize risks while optimizing returns, ensuring the security and growth of your wealth.

Simplified investment experience

We ensure that you are kept informed of every development in your portfolio.
Our Team

Skilled Professionnals


Invest in 6 simple et streamlined steps



We would like to get to know you and learn more about your investor profile, as each client is unique. To do so, we need to understand your short, medium, and long-term goals through an initial consultation.

Portfolio Creation

Our team of experts develops a personalized portfolio that diversifies your investments across various asset classes and sectors, mitigating risk while maximizing returns.

Simplified Experience

A detailed statement of your portfolio's performance is issued at the beginning of each month, providing a comprehensive overview of its evolution.

Experts Advice

Our team of experienced professionals provides personalized advice and support throughout your investment journey.

Continuous monitoring and adjustments

We actively monitor your portfolio and make necessary adjustments to capitalize on market opportunities and trends.

Transparent Reports

We will provide our clients with updates on portfolio performance, market trends, and investment recommendations, if necessary, to always offer the best risk-reward ratio. These updates will be communicated on an individual basis between your advisor and you, ensuring personalized communication.

A few numbers


We shortlist and only work with expert partners.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to staying abreast of market trends and opportunities, ensuring that we have the information and tools necessary to make informed investment decisions.

Quantitative Analysts

Our quantitative analysts utilize the latest technologies to analyze data and assist us in identifying trends and opportunities, making informed investment decisions on behalf of our clients.

RIsk Managers

Our consultants manage risks to protect client investments by identifying and mitigating potential threats. They collaborate with the investment team to select strategies that align with the client's objectives and risk tolerance.


Our skilled traders work closely with our investment team to efficiently execute transactions and keep portfolios up to date. Their expertise ensures that client investments are managed effectively and aligned with their strategies.


Within our company, we engage expert consultants to continuously strengthen our position in the market, refine our strategic approaches, and enhance the client experience we provide.

More Than 10 Partners Trust Us

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Integrity and Risk Assurance Services

With our expertise, we aim to eventually offer various types of diversified investments, such as real estate, luxury watches, commodities like gold, and other unique investment opportunities like leather goods, and more.

Be assured that at ML Invest Finance, we know how to reward your loyalty and commitment.
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