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Jeweler / Chainmaker

Born on September 8, 1967, in Geneva to British parents.

It was during the years 1979 to 1983, at a specialized school in England for children with dyslexia, that teachers discovered his extraordinary talent for creativity and a penchant for manual and artistic work.

During a 4-day goldsmithing workshop organized by his school, he discovered a passion that naturally led him to the path of the art of jewelry. Motivated by this experience, at the age of 14, he even organized his first jewelry exhibition.

In 1983/84, under the guidance of his teachers, he returned to his family to begin his apprenticeship in the jewelry workshop of JP ECCOFEY in Meyrin.

Unsurprisingly, he obtained his CFC (Certificate of Proficiency) in 1988 and began his career at JP ECCOFEY, where he held his second exhibition and quickly earned a specialized position in the creative sector, where he developed numerous models with JAHAN SHAHPOUR (GENEVOR).

Eager for new experiences, he continued his career at F. FAVRE and then GAY FRERES, where he internally established a production workshop dedicated to creation, affectionately known as ‘La Bulle’ by his colleagues.

He then continued his career in the workshops of Michel HESS and later at C.SEILER, where he specialized in cutting-edge techniques of High Jewelry for top brands and also in crafting unique pieces for private clients.

With his experience, he contributed to the development of several collections for major brands showcased internationally.

Today, still driven by a quest for excellence, he continues his journey armed with a solid experience and a heightened passion for exploring innovative forms in his vision of his work.

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